Nothing can prepare you

We came to a complete stand still

When we saw the New Year in 11 Months ago with the usual NYE celebrations, we had no idea what was around the corner. No idea a sinister virus would bring Nations to their knees, economies to breaking point and families, friends and separated and Countries borders closed. Most of this year has been an unknown, something you would only expect to see in a Hollywood Movie. Nothing could have prepared anyone to the situation we find ourselves in right now and 9 months after it shut our Country down in March and we came to a complete stand still.

Birthday parties, anniversary celebrations, weddings and burials are not recognisable-they are isolated events, smaller events, scaled-down events.

The grief for those who have buried loved ones has been overwhelming as families and friends have been denied the chance to say goodbye in the traditional ways and for the small numbers allowed to go to show their respect had to do so 6 feet apart. To watch on as loved ones cry for their loss and not be allowed to console them. It is heart-breaking to even try and comprehend how others must feel in those situations.

    Biggest upheaval this Country has faced

    This year has been the biggest upheaval this Country has faced since War time.

    As the time has come where we remember the Fallen, we too must observe and respect those that lost their lives for their Countries in a completely new way in the midst of a National Lockdown.

    The traditional processions and ex-servicemen and veterans unable to show their respect in traditional ceremonies performed for the last 100 years. Churches will not be filled with Parishioners, the British Legion poppy sellers will not be on our streets collecting money for their charity. It is undeniably sad.

    The emotions and the disbelief of what has happened this Year 2020 will resurface once again as we observe the Remembrance day services online and on Television away from the crowds and in the National Lockdown.

    Poppy symbolises Hope

    The symbol of ‘Remembrance day’ is a Poppy while this is a poignant reminder of a physical war, it is a reminder that we are fighting an invisible war too. A war that is dividing the Nation with the Anti-Vaxxers, the Anti-Maskers and the voice of those that shout that this is a ‘scamdemic’. In contrast- The families that stay apart so they can shield the ones they love and sacrifice the comfort of a hug during difficult days. 

    businesses collapsed

    Whichever side someone falls on it is important to remember on this day in particular, that the poppy symbolises Hope and Renewal.

    A Hope that we all need to cling to right now that we can come out of this pandemic and once again live our normal lives. It is a reminder that no matter what our beliefs are we need to be respectful to others, to be supportive and kind.

    The anxiety felt by thousands of people in March when we first went into lockdown and witnessing the chaos and the uncertainty that prevailed, the glimmer of Hope when we came out of that to now be where we are in ‘Lockdown 2.0’. Seeing businesses collapse, High Streets empty, seeing the Country fall to its knees is scary. So as we Remember the Fallen, we must also remember that now is the time for the Country to pull together in the biggest show of Unity seen since the First and Second World Wars ended.

    One thing is for certain. We won’t forget this year. It has been a year of lessons, a year of nightmares. Like the Fields in Flanders where the battle field became adorned in red, opulent, beautiful flowers came the symbol of Hope and the symbol of Peace for the future. Just like the Poppies that gave us Hope before.

    Today we are reminded that the UK will flourish and grow once more.

    Lest we Forget. We will Remember Them. Hope.