Fast paced recreational power walk videos?

Is it just me? 
But what is it with these sweaty Linkedin posts filmed while on a fast paced recreational power walk or after a jog?  Am I missing a trick?  Is it the new kind of multi-tasking or does inspiration simply flow during the pursuit of health and fitness?

I must admit, I was never a fan when Linkedin opened up to the World of videos. While I appreciate most can be educational or informative, it opened the doors to some unusual or awkward ramblings and some seem to be filmed ‘just because’.  There seems to be trends too (I am assuming they are trends)…

Video sat in the car.
Those videos were more reflective in tone, reflective of the long journey on the way to the appointment on the M6, or reflective of the meeting that had just passed.  The tired look of most often a salesperson who is trying to conceal the pain of going to the appointment and not getting the sale or a way of convincing their bosses watching that they have had a really busy day out on the road.  (Sits in the car at the corner of their own road).

Videos while driving

But even more terrifying, the videos filmed while driving!  Which frankly I always watched no matter what the content just to see if they were stopped by the Police.  It’s not happened as far as I have seen but it’s a couple moments of intense watching all the same.

Sweaty power walk/post jog videos

The latest trend however, the sweaty tracksuit laden videos have moved on from a reflective mood and seem to embody a ‘i’m on a mission’ kind of vibe.  Either that or they just want to look like a figure of health while I sit there rolling my eyes staring at the laptop and trying to remember the last time I reached 10,000 steps!

Don’t judge me
Now, hopefully this post will be taken a bit tongue in cheek as it’s intended, but if anyone does understand the reasoning why behind the ‘trends’ I would welcome the feedback. In the very least please direct me to a ‘filming while driving’ video where the police do stop the driver!

It’s subjective
Creating content is subjective and even though i’m not convinced of going on a run then posting some pearls of wisdom while out of breath.  The point here is that it got my attention and either love them or loathe them, I guess it works as I actually remember the people posting the videos.  So, it could be a subliminal form of self promotion?  Raising brand awareness in a new ‘trendy’ way via a fairly new concept on Linkedin.
I’m working with a team of marketing experts and they said that videos are the key to engaging with your target audience.  So, when in Rome!  My thought process here is what will be the next trend?  The front seat of the car trend has seemingly passed, the tracksuit laden power walk videos have been done, perhaps I should see if I can start the next big trend?
In the spirit of multi-tasking and showing how incredibly busy I am, maybe I should start the ‘busy working mom video’ trend?  Making the ‘first cup of coffee’ of the day video and let the caffeine fuel my inspiration? The truth is, it’s hard being on camera so if you have the confidence to put yourself out there to raise awareness of what you are doing or for a good cause then I think it’s a brave start!

Watch this space
My time will come when I have to take the plunge and post a video onto Linkedin.  I’m most certainly not convinced on the current options so it might just be a simple ‘working at my desk’ post or I might just throw caution to the wind and follow the TikTok craze.  Either way, I hope what it’s remembered for is engaging content and being brave for putting myself out there for the World to see.