Collaborative Working

“If you want to go FAST then go alone, if you want to go FAR then go together”

-African Proverb

When I saw this quote, I knew that I had to incorporate it into my Company values. It embodies everything I have always strived to achieve in the Business World. When I was first appointed as a membership advisor at the Greater Birmingham Chambers of Commerce, I was charged with exploring the vast world of networking. It can be quite a daunting experience walking into a room full of men and women all suited and booted and chatting away in little groups, the noise of laughter and conversations filling the room. When you just about get used to this environment and negotiate the big coffee canisters and find someone to speak with then you are suddenly confronted with the potential of having to stand up and speak. Public speaking has never been one of my strong points! I got so nervous sometimes I used to shake and talk like I’m out of breath. It can be terrifying!

But like they say: Practice makes perfect and as time goes by the strangers become familiar faces, the familiar faces become in some cases good friends and in most cases you have established a ‘network’. Trusted Business associates that become your biggest ambassador. That’s why I believe so much in networking and more importantly why I believe that as a Business community we are stronger together! During my time working for the Chamber of Commerce I made it my mission to collaborate with external networking groups. Rather than seeing them as competition, I realised that we should all work together so that our networks could grow. One of my biggest achievements was founding the’ Solihull Supernetwork Group’. By working together we filled a room with over 200 Business people all looking to network. It was an amazing success and broke down so many barriers within the Business Community.

network marketingI have taken so much away from my time in the various events I have attended, from speed networking, breakfast events, black tie dinners, awards ceremonies and policy lead events. Every single event over those 6 Years helped me to become much more confident and appreciative of all the amazing people you can meet from all sectors from start-up all the way up to some of the biggest Corporate organisations. The biggest lesson I have learnt and still carry with me is that by continuing with those valuable relationships you increase your own added value. People that can testify to your work acumen, your values and integrity. The driving force of Blue Garnet Ltd was focussing on all the Business contacts that I have met that have inspired me over the Years. I have watched some go from fledging start-ups to successful businesses in their own right and it’s for that reason I have chosen to partner with the Companies I have.

It’s strange times indeed at the moment and typical networking as we know it is a distant memory and may be a thing of the Past so we have to diversify and overcome the obstacles in our way as a Business community but one thing you can always count on is your network. By going out of the way to support each other’s Businesses during this time we can hopefully get through this unprecedented time and come out the other side stronger than ever. Blue Garnet Ltd is set up to signpost Businesses to the right support and to refer services of trusted partners.

“If you are the smartest person in the room, you are in the wrong room”


In conclusion I am proud to be working with people I look up to and respect and it’s their high standards I will always aspire to. I am not that nervous person negotiating their first event anymore hoping I get through it unscathed. I am ready for Business and looking forward to working with my strategic partners to help as many SMEs that we can.

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