Business Utilities

Specialist Utility Consultancy

Blue Garnet has teamed up with a specialist utility broker who has access to 26 suppliers to ensure you find the lowest business utilities prices on the market.   The team will always give you 2 options:  offering you the best price with your current supplier or the cheapest alternative – You choose what works best for your Business.

Business energy cost reduction
  • Energy prices are the lowest they have been for over 2 years
  • You can agree and lock in new prices up to 12 months in advance of your renewal date
  • Legislation from April 2017 means that businesses in England are able to choose their water provider to make sure that the data for water, waste and sewerage charges are correct.

Save On Business Water Costs

Up to 1 in 4 businesses are being overcharged by their water provider. Our partners can arrange for a FREE water audit to identify overcharges and recommend a course of action to reduce and recover costs

Business tax rebates

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